Alaska Vegetarian Society

Food Suggestions
for Potlucks

Preparing Vegan Food Is Easy
(But it may be different than you are used to!)

Some easy ideas for you:
Tossed Salad, without dressing
Fruit Salad, without dressing (or whipped cream)
Steamed vegetables

Also check out the AVS Recipes page


You can visit some great websites for vegan recipes:

Other things to avoid:
  • The obvious things like meat (beef, pork, poultry and yes this includes fish and other "sea food") and eggs.
  • Please do not use dairy products in anything, i.e., milk, butter, cheese, ice cream, cream cheese, yogurt, or sour cream.  You can purchase soy based alternatives for all these things -- again in the natural foods section of Carrs and Fred Meyers.
  • Please don't use regular mayonnaise in anything. It contains eggs. There are some vegan alternatives: Nasoya and Vegenaise are both vegan and they can be found in the natural foods section of Fred Meyers and Carrs. 
  • Also, please do not use Jello (gelatin), marshmallows or honey in food for the potluck, as these are also derived from animals.
If you have any questions, call 373-1526 and Delisa or Charlie will be happy to help.

Sign up for a Cooking Class!

Delisa conducts Vegan Cooking Classes on an on going basis. 
Call Delisa at 373-1526 for more information.